Saturday, February 18, 2006

I watched the show "wife swap" last night and it was just the devil at work.
The 2 families were ,a reasonably normal sized couple with 3 kids ,and a "christian" family, with an adult daughter and her child and a mis-treated teen. The "christian " mom weighed about 350-400 lbs and had a gap the size of another tooth in the front of her smile.She was always "praizin jesus" and liftin her little hands to remind us that she belonged to jesus. The other family were a Astrologer (the man) and a hypnotherapist.(the mom) , they appeared very normal.Any way the jest of it was that the "christian mom" wouldnt have anything to do with "stuff from the dark side". In one segment, a friend who was a psychic came into the room with "CM" and she ran out , all 350 lbs of her, hollaring and callin on jesus.
While back home , the hypnotherapist was hypnotizing the 23 year old daughter, who was bossy and demanding and very overweight herself. Not to mention , she went to sleep during her session, so she was made to look like the sloppy fat girl who would'nt even participate in this costly session.
ANYWAY, make a long story short..."CM" couldnt stand it anymore, she was talking the whole way home like she was retarted about the "dark side" and get behind me satan ect... when she got home she just started screaming at her family and the cameramen, saying "if you dont believe in jezus, get out of my house. She ripped up the check from the show and said she wanted NOTHING to do with the darkside...Screaming looking like a total idiot (all 400 lbs of her) While the hypnotherapist got home and found that "CM" had lied to her, and her family had tried to be as nice to her as they could, why they even went to church with her, but she would'nt open her mind to something new...
Anyway the bottom line is that "christians " are closeminded, bigots, fat slobs, who just want it their way. O yeah I forgot to tell you "CM" tried to sow seed to the kids and hubby of hypnotherapist, she tried to share jezus and told them to "let jezus in"...Who'd want to be like her?
Whats funny is that "CM" reminded me of someone off of TBN, I mean the praizin and raising her hands and callin on the spirit...This image is REALLY what people think christians are. They are decieving and being decieved...just like the bible says!
I'm gonna try to write more later to catch up on my busy week...stay tuned! The Lord bless you.

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Carol said...

I saw a part of that show last night, got the same impression you describe, and turned it off. That 'christian' woman was a total idiot, and as you said, I'm sure that's just how Hollywood wanted to portray her. --But we know.... 'all things work together for good....' Hollywood may think they were in control there, but 'A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps. Proverbs 16:9.'

Thou shalt not be affrighted at them: for the LORD thy God is among you, a mighty God and terrible. Deut. 7:21

Have a great day!