Thursday, February 23, 2006

What a wonderful Thursday...Today is my birthday and I've been thinking I would be 48, but HAY! I'm only 47, its like I went back a year, I actually thought I was already 47...Senilaty has set in ...maybe? We had a great service about Saul becoming king in 2 Samuel 10, it was very interesting, God did'nt really want a king but the people rose up and wanted a king, so God let them and the consequenses are BAD. Of course God is always in control, but sometimes He lets us do what we will ,and we usually suffer for wrong choices. But God uses these things to grow us and to teach us to trust Him.
Did anyone see American Idol last night? There is quite a bit of talent on this show but none compare to TAYLOR HICKS! He is just a natural performer. I could watch him all day.That's what I want Whitney to have, Music in her heart, and I want her to quit being so shy! Shes got a great voice, but she does'nt put her heart into her performance. Rudy says the way Taylor moves is like Ricky. One thing for sure Ricky's movements are ALL natural...LOL
I got the sweetest card from Daddy and Dorothy it said " You were sent to our house through birth, for a joy to our hearts, which we gladly accepted, as ONE of our lovely daughters.With Love , your daddy and Dorothy." It was written in daddy hand, I will cherish it forever!
Mama called this morning to tell me what a beautiful sunshiny day it was 47 years ago and to wish me a good day.
Whitney has been in a very good mood the last couple of days, what a welcome change! She is such a sweet girl when she wants to be. We have to go to her school tonight for the "culture fair" . They were divided into groups of 4 (in her 6th grade class) and assigned a country. She got Vietnam, her part was the backdrop. We painted the backdrop like the Vietnamese flag. It looks pretty good, I may post a picture.
I always say I'm may write more later, but I never do!!! So I wont say it and if I do then we'll all be surprised!
Have a blessed day!

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Lodykaja said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happppppy Birrrrttthhhddday dear Gendy,
Happy Birthday to you!!
I Love You,
Your Big Sister.